Mobile Websites vs. Mobile Apps

This is the table that I found from Localytics. In this table was show the contrast between the mobile websites and mobile apps. According to this table, we can know that mobile apps was leading the mobile websites and we can done more thing through the mobile apps.


The benefits of mobile apps compared to mobile websites


Future of Web Design

We are in the era of fast growing of technology, so we should keep update with the latest trend and technology like software, skill to make sure that we are also growth with the technology. I have read through some post and article for future trend of web design.

Here are some source that I research for future of web design.

Nowadays, people trend to simple and clear layout like single page layout  icon navigation to replace the text navigation, full background photographs, mobile navigation toggle and etc. In this era of technology, the majority of people are already using smart phone to access the internet and squeeze out the traditional way like PC or laptop. In additional, flash website have been gradually eliminated and replaced with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, it more flexibility and user experience for those mobile user.

Research Interest

What is my Interest?

I am personally interest in interactive media platform like website and mobile application. These two are using to promote and spread a project such as a product, movie and etc. It no longer as a content based, data based, or informative based website, it also have been used on advertising based. Nowadays, it become a platform that let us to promote anything.

Here are some example of movie and product website:

Screenshot from

Screenshot from

Those movie official website have provide a series of video, games, gallery in the websites and now also provide mobile apps for those mobile user to promote their things.

Which platform that I more prefer to?

I have done few website with using those software like Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Tomato Cart, WordPress during my study period. Beside that, I also create the interface with using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustration. In additional, I also learn some coding skill like HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JQuery. I am personally prefer with interface design and coding part although I am a design student but I am also interested in coding part.

As a web designer, I hope to create a website that user friendly and better functionally to the users. I will discover and learn more in HTML5 and CSS3 to create a better website. Beside that, a suitable layout for a websites is important too, so I will also research about it to make it more better.

Nowadays, the majority of people are already using smart phone to access the internet, so a lot of company are present their website in mobile platform. Some of them are provide mobile apps to link with their website. So mobile platform is the next thing that I will to be explore.

Future research

In future, I will go more in deep about interactive media in web design and mobile web and apps. Here are some that I will discover about

  • What is the latest technology for website and mobile apps?
  • How to improve in website and mobile apps?
  • What is the impact of website and mobile apps?
  • The future of website and mobile apps?


In conclusion, I will do more research about the interactive design in future. Beside that, I will also obtain more knowledge about the coding skill like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and those CMS like WordPress, Open Cart, Joomla and etc.

Interaction Design

What is Interactive Media Design?

The Future of Interactive Media

My first try in Prezi

This is my first time to use Prezi to prepare my presentation slide. Prezi is quite user friendly and its easy to get started. In additional, Prezi are provide a lot template for us and we also can customize our own slide. This is a software that quite easy and simple for us to prepare a presentation slide.

Here is my Prezi link:
Previous and Future

Previous Work

Today’s blog exercise is to describe a project that I completed for the course at TAR that I especially proud of. There are a lot of group and individual work that accomplish by me in my 4 years academic life. The project that I done in TAR college that especially make me proud is my Advanced Diploma final year project. This is a product website, which named as Bones.


This website where selling DIY heels, we do provide our customers to customize their own shoes and we aim to attract massive quantities of order. I was responsible for web developer in this project. This is the first time I build a website with the software other than Adobe Dreamweaver and also the first try to using WordPress to build a website. I have done a lot of research and tutorial on WordPress, for example, how it working, its function, what plug in can be use in my website and etc.

This page is teaching our consumer to measure their shoe size, we also provide a video to them

This is our gallery to show our high heels

This page provide our details and let our consumer to contact us

I think the media that I will see myself producing in two years time is web design. In the future, I will keep improve myself in this field and obtain more knowledge on those new technology or software.

Media Experience

I am personally to simple and clear layout so I more prefer minimalist design. In addition, I also like illustration art.

Nowadays, more and more websites are tend to minimalist design, minimalist designer believe that less is more and their goal is using less thing to achieve an effect that are more than the sum. Most of the websites are using big headers, colourful typography and picture. Minimalist websites can more easy to delivery our message to the audience.

Here are some websites I like that inspired me in minimalist design.

Jessica Caldwell

Polar Gold
This site attracts me is that the background of this websites will changes colour to match the time of the day, the navigation play with 2 type of typography, main navigation using big title and trendy glow to attract people.

Slideshow Press
The combination of colour and picture attract me, the logo use transparency colour and overlap in the picture make the layout more layered

I would like to develop a minimalist website and I also believe that visual is more attracting than text, I would want to create a simple and clear website and I will plug in some illustration art in my website so it does not seem very formal.